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Course Duration: 3 months
Course Time: Sat & Sun / Working Days
Fee: 45000 Rs.
Skills IOT, Control, Monitoring, Embedded Programming, Android, iPhone, Website
Module 1: Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

Basics of Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture
What is Open Source and Maker Culture
Open Source Electronic/IoT Development Boards
Wireless Technologies & Protocols - WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, LoRA, Sigfox ; HTTP, MQTT

Module 2: Making your first IoT Device

Introduction to Basic Electronic Components & Your Maker Kit
Introduction to ESP8266 Hardware
Introduction to GPIO Pins & Physical Computing
Interfacing with Sensors and Actuators
Introduction to Analog and Digital
Basics of Arduino Software & IoT Programming
Use ESP8266, LED and Pushbutton to make an IoT Device.

Project 1: Blinking LED (Electronic Hello World!)
Project 2: Control LED using Button

Module 3: Control your IoT Device using a Mobile App

Connect your IoT Device using Wi-Fi to the Internet
Download and Install IoT Mobile App
Controlling your IoT Device with IoT Mobile App
Different Widgets on the IoT Mobile App : Dashboards, Gauges, Lights, Joystick

Project 3: Remotely Control LED using Mobile App over the internet

Module 4: Remote Monitoring of Sensor Data from IoT Device

Introduction to Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT)
Connecting DHT to your IoT Device
Adding a Dashboard Widget in the Mobile App

Project 4: Visualize Temperature & Humidity Readings on your Mobile App

Module 5: Sending Email Alerts from your IoT Device

Add Email Widget to Mobile App Dashboard
Configure the logic for Email Alert

Project 5: Sending Email Notification using rules and logic triggers.
This course is for those who want to make IOT based projects. Most common students are from corporates , research oriented companies and manufacturing industries

IOT Course Karachi
IOT Course Karachi