FPGA - Professional

FPGA - Professional

102000   96000 Rs.
Quick Overview

FPGA Professional is a course specifically designed for corporates

Course Duration: 3 months
Course Time: Saturday & Sunday
Fee: 96000 Rs.
Skills FPGA
FPGA Professional is a course specifically designed for corporates
FPGA Level I (Beginners)

Session 1: Introductory Session
Session 2: FPGA Basic Architecture
Session 3: Digital Logic Design Basics
Session 4: Familiarization with verification and simulation tool – Modelism
Session 5; Overview of Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7
Session 6: Introduction to RTL design techniques through Verilog
Session 7: Gate Level Combinational Circuit
Session 8: Creating a testbench and perform the RTL simulation using ISE and Modelsim
Session 9: RT-level cornbinationaI circuit (Arithmetic, Shift operators)
Session 10: RT-level cornbinationaI circuit (Relational, equality and conditional operators)
Session 11: RT-level cornbinationaI circuit (Bitwise, reduction, and logical operators)
Session 12: RT-level cornbinationaI circuit (Always block)
Session 13: RT-level cornbinationaI circuit (If,Case statements)
Session 14: Routing structure of conditional control constructs
Session 15: Parameters and constants
Session 16: Regular Sequential Circuit(D FF and register)
Session 17: Regular Sequential Circuit(Counters and Timers)
Session 18: Regular Sequential Circuit(One shot, asynchronous and synchronous registers)
Session 19-20: Hardware Implementation of RTL combinational and sequential on FPGA kit using IMPACT

FPGA Level II (Moderate)

Session 1-3: FSM(Mealy and Moore)
One process
Two process
Three process
Session 4-5: Testing and Verification Methodology-Automated Test benches
Session 6: Xilinx Ise Core Generator Tool(PLL)
Session 7-8: Xilinx Ise Core Generator Tool (Block RAM, Distributed RAM)
Session 9-11: Primitive Level programming techniques for efficient designs
Session 12: Hardware Implementation of FSM based circuits on FPGA kit using IMPACT
Session 13: Chip Scope Pro (ILA & ICON)

FPGA Level III (Advance)

Session 1-2: Xilinx 7 Series FPGA CLB Architecture
Session 3-5: UART IP core development
Session 6-7: Fixed Point vs Floating Point
Session 8: PID implementation using fixed point
Session 9: Implementation of Digital filters on FPGA
Session 10: Introduction to Micro blaze soft co-processor
Session 11-12: Micro blaze interface with GPIO and FPGA Logic & interrupts
Session 13-14: Introduction to System Verilog for efficient test bench
Session 15 : Vivado
This course is specially designed for those who are working in industry or an organization and has need of practical knowledge of FPGA in depth

FPGA - Professional Course Karachi
FPGA - Professional Course Karachi